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News • 2 years ago

Employee Well-being

Employee wellbeing is a hot topic and many companies around the world.

By: Caroline Mason, John Mason International


Employee wellbeing is a hot topic and many companies around the world are investing in it with the aim of improving morale, reducing stress and increasing productivity in the workplace. Google for example provide relaxation services at their offices including massage rooms. Linked In employees have on-site yoga classes.

In some companies, workplaces are being designed to look more like homes or some can even be described as ‘adult playgrounds’. Innocent Drinks in the UK for example, at their head office ‘Fruit Towers’ in London, have installed artificial grass instead of carpets and have bunting around the office to encourage an atmosphere of fun and wellbeing.

The Google UK office has a ‘Granny’s Flat’ area with old fashioned furniture and décor. This is used as an alternative meeting space designed to make staff feel comfortable and encourage creativity.

Employee wellbeing is increasingly being used as a way of attracting talented people to work for an organisation and is said to also play a key part in employee retention.

Many employers appear to be making it a top priority for 2015.