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Training • 5 months ago

LACMA Trainings Benefits

Learn more about LACMA Trainings and their benefits.

The World is being injected with new technologies, new processes and new methodologies. Constant learning is not only a requirement anymore; it comes as an answer for international business growth.

In LACMA, we believe that employee training is not only important to guarantee better customer support; additionally it maximizes the results and optimizes human resources. Thus, we offer training modes for our members; let’s review some them:

LACMA INC - LACMA's training program. It branches out into virtual and on-site seminars focused on the international transportation, relocation and moving processes.

  • Moving from A to Z (On-Site)

A middle management seminar that covers all the information relevant to an international moving, from the first call to the delivery. include topics such as: quoting & sellling, work planning, contract conditions, costing, insurance, warehousing etc.

  • Coaching for Packers Instructors (On-Site)

Personal development seminar that involves technical aspects and has a systematic approach in the packing process, optimization of density and knowledge about multiple packing materials and equipment. It leads to the certification LACMA PACK. This seminar forms packers instructors within the LACMA Members.

LACMA Virtual focuses on virtual seminars for the moving and relocation industry:

  • The Art of Sales Applied to the Moving Companies (Virtual)

Seminar that increases the quality and production of a company, throughout constant learningand the development of technical abilities in the Art of Sales concepts, methods, techniques and strategies, to be applied in the moving industry.

  • Logistics for International Moving Companies (Virtual)

The objective of this seminar is to develop in students the strategic vision, so in this way, they can choose the best logistical structure for each service. The course will provide students a detailed overview of the major international transport means: sea, air and land.

  • Induction to International Moving (Virtual)

A general and introductory vision about the main basic issues faced by the international moving industry.


Virtual platform (available 24/7):

1.  Access from mobile devises (computers, tables & smarthphones).

2.  Improved stability and seed.

3.  OS support (Macintosh, Linux & Windows).

4.  Supports the browsers (safari, firefox, internet explorer & chrome).

5.  Synchronized multilingual availability (English, Spanish & Portuguese).

Stay tuned for upcoming LACMA Trainings!