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LACMA Services & Benefits

LACMA offer multiple services and benefits for their members.

LACMA effectively assists members in collecting overdue amounts from other members within the association.  Every member is affiliate to the PGP Program.

LACMA's Training Institute, founded in 1992, provides education (virtual and on-site) covering aspects of the moving and transportation industry.

  • LACMA Virtual: The LACMA Virtual Seminars are an integrated system of virtual education, based on a modern and flexible technological platform that makes possible the educational system of our courses to the structure of training at a distance. New virtual platform (available 24/7):

    1.      Access from mobile devises (computers, tables & smarthphones).

    2.      Improved stability and speed.

    3.      OS support (Macintosh, Linux & Windows).

    4.      Supports the browsers (safari, firefox, internet explorer & chrome).

    5.      Synchronized multilingual availability (English, Spanish & soon Portuguese).

  • Coaching for Packers Instructors: LACMA's Coaching for Packers Instructors goes much further than the regular "in-house" training. The goal is to generate, for the first time in the industry, a trainer's chain that takes the knowledge back to their businesses and turns them into "in house" trainers for packers. This, not only is cost effective for the participating company, but also guarantees a standardized way of working within the organization. This program culminates with the certification: LACMA Certified Packers.
  • Moving from A-Z: A middle management seminar that covers all the information relevant to an international moving, from the first call to the delivery. include topics such as: quoting & selling, work planning, contract conditions, costing, insurance, warehousing etc.

The LACMA News Magazine covers industry events, members' articles, profiles and press releases; it's published every three months (March, June, September and December) and it's an attractive means of promoting a company. Advertisement rights are for the LACMA members only.

LACMA Scholarship Program created in 1992 in memory of Mr. Rafael "Lito" Suarez, Past President of LACMA. Its provides financial educational assistance to the children of the employees of our "low-income" Active and Associate Members for high school, college or technical level.

The LACMA S.O.S. Program was created to maintain a permanent relief fund in order to provide humanitarian aid to our members and respond promptly when unfortunate natural disasters strike mainly the Latin American and Caribbean region (support has been also provided outside our region).

LACMA Rewards is a new program that allows members to accumulate points for their participation in LACMA's events, such as convention & seminars; also in their publications/adds in LACMA News magazine & Yearbook. These points transform into discounts that can be redeem for future seminars and conventions ONLY.

LACMA Next is a group comprised of young LACMA members (18 – 40 years old) involved in our association´s activities, such as the LACMAS.O.S. and the Student Exchange Programs. 

Corporate Social Responsibility Program directed towards the conservation of our planet.  The amount of carbon dioxide generated by each participant´s travel to the site of our conventions, is measured and mitigated through a project of reforestation and conservation in Costa Rica which is monitored by FONAFIFOa Costa Rican National Forestry Financing Fund. 

LACMA Consult is a program that benefits our members directly.  Is it a low cost consulting program in different areas, from claims to any other information regarding the moving industry.